Hodara Art Designer

The vision: “Less is more, always unique”

The vision is born out of a culture and an aptitude. A culture of measured elegance, which is expressed in exceptional detail in the finest materials, and in graceful lines. Gentle elegance, from Milan, not at all showy or in your face. An aptitude for research and exploration, curiosity about what surrounds, a deep need for uniqueness. This culture and this aptitude gave rise to the need to create something new: objects with fewer lines and material that produces an experience of lightness and well-being, free from the limitations of time, fashion and context. Creations dedicated to people who share the instinct for the pursuit of purity in beauty and uniqueness in creation.

Hodara Essence

Always Unique, Hodara Art Designer is the freedom to give expression to a unique individuality.
It is the freedom to create design objects that are:
- fresh and unusual: fad free;
- always contemporary: timeless;
- appropriate to every context, neither dominating nor outshone: free from space.
- intimately customisable, reflecting the customer in his or her uniqueness: free from the tastes of others

Less is More – cultured creativity

Beauty is achieved through subtraction rather than accumulation, in a stripped down approach that puts the accent on harmony, lightness, transparency, restraint, tact, and cultivation.