Bonaldo, a successful company in Italy and worldwide that produces elegant furniture and designer accessories, originated from a great passion for design. Tables, chairs, accessories, sofas and beds are produced exclusively in Italy and exported all over the world, employing the most modern technologies and fine materials, carefully selected and with certificates of authenticity. The broad range of products is characterised by an eclectic, dynamic and unique style.

This company from the Veneto region with headquarters in Padua was established in 1936 and, at the beginning, it was specialized in the artisan metalworking. Later, it extended its production to bedsteads and then to iron beds, inventing a foldable bedstead that would become a market standard.

In 1971 Bonaldo attended the Salone Internazionale del Mobile of Milan for the first time and it was in that period that it turned into a manufacturing industry. In the following decade the sofa beds and convertible sofas were successfully included in the production, followed by the first collection of beds. The range of furnishings expanded to comprise armchairs, chairs, tables and all kinds of accessories. The volume of exports became larger year after year and proves that Bonaldo is a successful brand loved not only by the Italian public but also by an international one.

In 2000 Bonaldo began to take its first steps into the world of design, inaugurating a series of favourable collaborations with high profile designers that would become one of its distinguishing features. In this way, products became more and more sophisticated.

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