Framework table by L'Abbate

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About the Framework table by L'Abbate

A wood skeleton which allows different applications as regards chair and table, enabling the products to be customized and adapted to any design. The framework, in software production, is a support structure on which software can be organised and designed. In the same way the Framework chair is formed by a support structure in massive beech wood on which various types of designs.

Detailed Information about the Framework table by L'Abbate

Brand L'Abbate
Type Table
Style Modern
Series Framework
Model code 159.10
Designer Atelier Steffen Kehrle
Material Massive Beech
Dimensions in cm (WxHxL) 100 x H75 100/200
Dimensions in inch (WxHxL) 39.4 x H29.5 x 39.4/78.7
Available colors Ivory, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, White, Black, Beech, Walnut, Stained
Product website L'Abbate Framework website
Country of manufacture Italy
Availability Delivery time ± 4 weeks directly from Italy
Warranty 24 months by manufacturer

About L'Abbate

This collection is the fruit of long experience in interior design, of a passion for simplicity and beauty, of the desire to introduce new themes, stimuli and values to everyday life. The objects in this collection display different design approaches, yet they are all designed to meet real needs in an easy, effective way. Successful and up-and-coming designers, traditional and innovative materials, color and technology, Italian style and Scandinavian moods join together in a personal yet universal language that expresses itself in any setting: public environments, private homes, indoor spaces and in the open air.

The international contract projects mean a parallel and complementary activity to l'abbate. The company dedicates its own creative and productive resources to the contract field. The "Customization" of the current production is the method technique that makes it possible for l'abbate to reach an exceptional versatility. It is possible to realize very heterogeneous projects: from small or medium supply, to bigger ones with a personalized solution for any single unit. l'abbate is able to respond to the need for virtually any type of wood product, ranging from chairs to tables, from upholstereds to cabinets to complete hotel rooms.

In the International design set l'abbate is an extraordinary experience. A collection that is not only the presentation of a series of beautiful objects, but also the portrait and representation of the best Italian production, either in wood or not. Products that are combination of art, elegance and luxury.

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